Most of us would like to travel the world without thinking about our budget. However, this can only happen in our dreams because we all know that we have no choice but to save money so we can afford to visit different places. Now if you are serious about saving money while on vacation we are here to give you some tips that have been tried and tested by veteran travellers for the past few years.

1.)Stay in an apartment rather than a hotel – If you are on a limited budget, it is more practical to stay in places where you can cook your food and do laundry. Eating out in restaurants is a great idea, but it is not encouraged if you are on a tight budget. If you know how to cook, you can go to the grocery and do your cooking instead.


2.) Save money on transportation- When travelling in a large group you can opt to hire bus services singapore to take you and your companions to various tourists destinations. Taking the bus will save you big money as compared to taking the taxi or using other forms of public transport. Also if given the opportunity to choose for an ideal place to stay it should be downtown where you have easy access to trains and everything that you need is within walking distance.


3.) Bring healthy snacks and water – Avoid unnecessary spending by bringing in some food in your bag. When visiting tourist spots, many vendors take advantage of the tourists and they intentionally increase their prices to earn more profit. You might be taken by surprise or how much you will end up spending on foods and drinks. Also if you are travelling with children, it is safe to give them snacks and drinks bought from the grocery to avoid getting sick because of contamination.

4.)Fix your daily activities – If you are keen on saving money, it will help to organise your events regularly. Start visiting the places that are farthest in terms of location to save money on transportation costs and time. It is also best to start your tour early in the morning, so you get to visit many places for one day. If you do not have an itinerary, you may join local tour groups with affordable rates. You may inquire from your hotel reception about domestic travel and tours services.


Hopefully, you can learn some important tips that will be applicable on your next vacation trip.

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