If you have a friend or a family member who is coming to visit you in the near future and now you are concerned about the hassle of picking them up from the airport, we are here to make your life easier by providing a few useful tips.

Confirm the time

Waiting till you get a call or a message from the other end to leave home is never a good idea, especially if they are flying from another country. Ask them about the exact time of arrival and confirm this by visiting the official website of the airport. Based in this information, determine the best time to leave your home, taking factors such as traffic and distance into consideration.

Parking the car

Most individuals underestimate the vehicular traffic at airports and end up spending hours and hours looking for parking spaces in the vicinity. Be smart and figure out the best place to park your car by doing some research at least a day prior. Services for short term parking Tullamarineoffers will I’ve you the opportunity to conveniently book a space at a parking structure located not far from the airport to save you from a lot of trouble.

Figure out where you are going to meet up

Airports are always bustling with thousands of passengers, officials and luggage moving around at top speed and finding someone in such a frenzied atmosphere can be a very daunting task. To avoid such confusion, agree to meet up at a convenient location in the airport that is easy to identify and relaxed in nature. The several restaurants located close to the arrival zones are great for this, as it will give you the perfect opportunity to welcome them and maybe even grab a bite to eat while you converse.

Make the waiting time productive

Flights tend to get delayed due to various reasons and these delays can vary from just a few minutes to hours. If you arrive in time and discover that there is a delay, don’t get mad and blast your friend as soon as you get your hand on them. Instead, think of productive way to spend the time by walking around the airport and looking for something that interests you. You can taste a few tasty dishes at one of the restaurants, get a manicure or even a haircut, do some shopping or even do some reading in the waiting area.

Know about the airport’s rules

As a driver, you must have a good knowledge regarding the specific rules and regulations that apply to parking, driving and waiting at the airport. Driving in with no such knowledge might get you in trouble and delay things in an unnecessary manner. Generally, it’s never a good idea to recirculated back through terminals that are either for departures or arrivals. If you are planning on picking up your passenger at the curbside, be sure to inform them to wait at the curb so that there won’t be any waiting involved.

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