Who wouldn’t love going on a hike for a day. We all love adventure hiking with friends and or even family members. It’s always fun to do something adventurous every year. Hiking is a perfect way to get rid of your busy life and get some good cardio and fresh air. However, you cannot just go on a hike with ordinary clothes. You have to be prepared for everything. There are certain things you need to have before going on a hike which are mandatory. Before you go make sure you write a list of what you need and get going. Below are some of the essentials you need for a hike.

Pack a day bag

Be it for a day or even for 2 make sure you pack a day bag that has all the things you need before you go on a hike. Whether you are down for a two-mile hike or even more its always best to be prepared.  You have to stay organized and you have to be ready for anything during the hike. There are certain bags that can carry trekking poles and so on.

Get your hiking clothes ready

You cannot just go on a hike with normal clothes. The whole hiking journey depends on how comfortable you wear. You cannot wear something too heavy which will make you feel uncomfortablethroughout the whole journey. You have to make sure you dress properly and stay dry for a better and enjoyable hiking. There are specific clothes you will come across in sports shop that are ideal for hiking.

Staying hydrated throughout the journey

One of the most important things that you need to know and do is to stay hydrated throughout the hiking. Camelback water bottle Singapore is the ideal for any hikers to carry around. Since you will be getting tired very soon during the hike.  So you have to make sure you carry a reusable bottle along with you so that you can re-fill at the water spigots along your way.

Bug spray for outdoors

If you are planning on going on a hike and spend the night in a camp, its ideal that you get a bug spray since you will find insects almost everywhere in the woods. You can basically carry a bug spray to keep of mosquitoes, biting flies and other insects that will disturb your whole night. There are certain bug sprays that will stay longer to keep away the insects.



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