Even without a boating license or previous ship experience, hiring a cruise or a boat enables you to venture on board and take an adventure through the picturesque Yarra River which is located on Melbourne.


To assist you in planning and to guarantee a fun, protected and prosperous boat hire in Melbourne, here are a couple of tips to remember.


Be ready for your booking


Know your itinerary right after your booking and if you get an opportunity to download the self-drive hire map, familiarize yourself with the route you will take. Likewise, bring your valid personal identification card and a credit card for the $500 security bond upon the arrival of contract.

Be on time on your schedule


To guarantee that you make the most of your experience in a luxury cruise Melbourne, make sure you have to arrive on time for your schedule, this is 15 minutes before your booking time to ensure your departure on time. If in case that you are late, your booking time won’t be extended.


Listen carefully during the orientation and adhere to the guidelines


Focus and listen deliberately during the safety orientation as there a couple of basic navigational guidelines that you require to comply, and you have to know where all the essential equipment is located, how to utilize it, and above all, you have to know how to drive the vessel.


Make inquiries and know that your hired boat company is just a telephone call away during your booking


Do not hesitate to inquire and your friendly and experienced staff are always ready to guarantee you that you have a safe boat vessel. Keep in mind that the contact number is placed onboard each watercraft and you can call whenever if you are uncertain of something.


Have a presence of mind and be consistently aware of your surroundings


Since boat traffic is present on the waterways, having your presence of mind is urgent while cruising. Always operate on a safe speed, and adhere to our guidelines given amid during the safety orientation. If you are uncertain of the situation, slow down and reassess it. Be consistently aware of your surroundings and keep a decent lookout at the front and back of the vessel.


Bring your own food and drink


One thing that makes your cruise ride fun and novel is that you can bring your food and drink to appreciate a picnic on the Yarra River with your friends, family, and companions. Keep in mind that the assigned driver must stay under .05 BAC – same as driving a vehicle on the road.

Pack your camera and ensure your telephone is completely charged


Cruising on the picturesque Yarra River gives many photo commendable minutes, make certain to pack your camera or have your cell phone completely stacked for those Instagram and Facebook-commendable posts.


Bring your music and utilize installed stereo


Every one of our boats is furnished with radios and worked in speakers that have a 3.5mm aux cord to connect your mobile phone or iPod. You can tune in to your most loved playlists in Spotify.


Follow these eight self-drive boat hire tips, to help you ensure that you and your guests will have a magical Melbourne experience. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.


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