If you are dreaming about having a luxurious wedding that answers all the lavish wishes of your heart, the tips that are detailed in the article below will certainly inspire you! Just go crazy and do what you want to do, because it is after all your day!

Decide on the budget

Yes we love to look at the celebrity wedding photos and videos. We also love to wistfully yearn for something quite similar to the lavish ceremonies of these wealthy individuals when it is our turn to tie the knot. But do be sensible and understand that you shouldn’t really spend a fortune on a wedding ceremony. Make sure you sit down with your partner and discuss how much you both are willing to spend on the ceremony. Make a budget and promise yourself that you will not exceed it. Try to look for creative things that you can do within the budget that will enhance the glamorous appeal of your wedding day.

Choose the location

The location that you choose to have the wedding at can also significantly shape the quality of your wedding ceremony. If you have the funds, do decide on a luxury hotel that has great banquet facilities. Don’t try to save money by selecting a cheap venue that offers low quality standards and services. If you want, you can consider inviting just a small number of people to a lavish ceremony. The number of guests you invite will significantly impact your costs. Make sure the place that you select will be able to comfortably accommodate all those who are invited. Don’t select a large venue if you are having a small gathering because an empty hall will look rather forlorn on a wedding day.

Pay attention to the details

Make sure the décor is done perfectly, by a reputed professional. Look for a leading Singapore florist for wedding if you are planning to have the wedding in that country and get quotations. Go for a package that you are comfortable with. You can work with the designer so that the event venue will be decorated stylishly according to the theme that you pick. Do also decide on the right type of music and entertainment for the night. You need to make sure that the menu served is also of excellent standard.

Buy the right bridal

All eyes will be on the bride on the wedding day, so the bridal must indeed look perfect! You can opt to spend a significant portion of your budget on the wedding dress as you will remember what you wore for the rest of your life!

Hope you have a splendid wedding day that rivals the beauty of the most romantic fairytale!



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