So you decided to rent a car for today? Maybe it is for a certain event that you need to attend to, or perhaps a weekend getaway with friends. But no matter what your reason is, there are certain things you must keep in mind when trying to lease for a car. Now buckle up as we roll out several suggestions on what to do when renting vehicles.

Know what you need

Before choosing any vehicle, the first thing you should determine is the purpose of your renting. If it is for a family-size trip, then you will opt for cars with more seats than the usual ones. You may also ask for things that come equipped in the car such as accessories for kids like special seat. But if you don’t really need that larger space, choosing for a smaller vehicle is the better alternative, cheaper and easier to maintain. If you like saving money, always keep your purpose of renting in mind.

Compare and canvas

As with any other buying activities, asking for quotes from different rental businesses will actually help you find the best deal. Not all of these companies will offer the same price for the same vehicle, there are various pricing for every one of them. You can consider small-time rental companies or big ones, but be sure that whichever you choose, you must understand the policies of these businesses. There are available online renting, which is better to do before your trip rather than on the day of your arrival.

Avoid insurance redundancy

When leasing a car in singapore, some rental companies will encourage you to purchase the insurance that they already have, which might seem a better deal on the façade. However, you may already have the insurance covered by your travel agency, or by your bank, which you should confirm prior the travel. If you are already covered, then bring proof of your insurance on your travel, because this may be required by the car rental companies.

Not in the airport

Some people tend to book vehicles on the airport, or ask the companies to pick them up on the airport. Though this may seem the logical thing to do because of the convenience this offers, but in reality, having your booked car brought to an airport will actually cost you more. If you are more of a budget-conscious traveler, then what you should do instead is to ask the company to deliver the car somewhere else that is not within the airport to save more bucks that can be used for other purchase. Compare the price you’d get when booking from an airport than when picking up the car from other places, and don’t forget how much you’d spend overall including the cab ride.

When renting a car, you should always understand the policies of the company you’d be dealing with, in addition to these suggestions mentioned above.

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